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Scrapbook 1, 1932-04-15 - 1932-06-14

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Abstract The clippings in this scrapbook deal with Regan’s attempt to secure the Democratic nomination for Governor in the primary. Arthur A. Van Dyke, the choice of the “regular” Democrats, and James Theodore Hegland, opposed Regan, the choice of the “rump” Democrats. Besides campaigning against each other, the candidates also leveled attacks against Governor Floyd B. Olson, the incumbent of the Farmer-Labor party. The main issues were the repeal of prohibition, unemployment, and taxes. Typed...
Dates: 1932-04-15 - 1932-06-14

Scrapbook 2, 1932-06-14 - 1932-08-25

 File — Hollinger box: 01, Folder: 02
Abstract The beginning news clippings are a continuation of the campaign for the Democratic nomination. Regan won the nomination in the primary, but his “rump” Democrats were refused seating in the Democratic National Convention, and the seats went to “regulars” from Minnesota. Formerly, supporting Al Smith as the Democratic presidential candidate, Regan switched to support Franklin Roosevelt after FDR received the party’s nomination for President. The clippings finish with Regan’s campaign for...
Dates: 1932-06-14 - 1932-08-25

Scrapbook 3, 1932-08-25 - 1932-10-17

 File — Hollinger box: 01, Folder: 03

This scrapbook continues with Regan’s campaign for Governor in a three-way race against Floyd B. Olson, the incumbent Farmer-Laborite, and Earle Brown, the candidate of the Republicans. Some of the main issues mentioned are income tax, state spending, prohibition, and unemployment.

Dates: 1932-08-25 - 1932-10-17

Scrapbook 4, 1932-10-17 - 1932-11-19

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The end of the campaign is covered with Floyd B. Olson’s reelection as Governor in the general election. Of interest are the clippings on the tripartite debates among Regan, Brown, and Olson. Two tripartite debates occurred.

Dates: 1932-10-17 - 1932-11-19

Regan, John E., 1883-1946. Scrapbooks, 1932-1940

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: SMHC Collection 0105

The John E. Regan scrapbook collection consists primarily of newspaper clippings pertaining to his attempts at winning various public positions in Minnesota. In addition, the collection contains photos, affidavits, and campaign literature. Regan ran successfully for the state legislature and unsuccessfully in a gubernatorial election and an election for the United States Senate.

Dates: 1932-1940